22.11.2011 - 15h52 - Health tests and goodie bags

This morning started with Nikki and I going downstairs to get all our health checks done. Result: I'm healthy but my vitality age is 2 years older then my real age - going to gym this weekend!!

We then went to a function where there were TONS of people trying to convince us how great their products are. It's exhausting. I just kept thinking how happy I was that Nikki was there... my eyes would glaze over and I'd just stand there nodding and going "wow" while our brilliant Nikki asked all the intelligent questions.

I was really excited about the food - until I got to it. There was only ONE vegetarian option there... a tiny piece of toast with some green paste and a chilli on it :(

So we nipped over to JB's for some real food.

Now the desk is a mess again after unpacking the goodies... and just after we managed to clear it all up from the beauty sale.

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