26/11 Friday - 07h00

Last night Ethan and I planned on going to the Parkhurst candlight shopping... we were really excited about it too! When we got home I took out Ethan's homework books to check them - BIG MISTAKE - caused homework fight #1 000 001! Now I would LOVE to post a pic of his homework so you could see why I get so worked up but I think that would be mean... let's just put it this way... it's not messy, it's a disasterous, bomb hit it, dog ate it and vomited it up mess!

I even BBM'd it to get a males opinion - see if it's normal a normal mess for a 9 year old. Apparently it's not...

We calmed down enough to get in the car and go to Parkhurst but I was in no mood for the people or the shopping (thus no pics of it), I was a bit like Scrooge in drag (girl, smudged makeup - picture it). We did however walk to lucky-moo to get some take out.

This morning we are good again, he even picked me a flower...

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