20.03.2012 - 07h52 - Shhhhhhhhh, not a word!

Yesterday Ethan and I got into an argument over the fact that I feel like I have to constantly remind him to do things and chase him in the morning to get ready so we're not late. SO... I told him this morning I would keep quite, not say a word and see how it went. If he could get ready and not make us late I would forever shut up and let him do it his way... this is how it went...

05h30: Alarm I put next to his bed didn't wake him up so I went in and did it.

05h30 - 06h00: Everything went REALLY smoothly without me chasing / reminding him of anything.

06h00: I heard a crash and a "uh-oh" come from the kitchen. He knocked his Milo over and spilt it everywhere. What I didn't see was that he also got it on his school shorts - he sneakily changed into his other pair - which were wet on the line - yup - he went to school wearing wet shorts... ahhhhh.

06h00 - 6h30: Back on track and moving along nicely again with no nagging.

06h30: On the way to the car he realises he forgot his soccer kit. He runs inside and gets it. Back in the car and still on time (NICE!) - almost at gate when he realises he doesn't have our house keys - which means they're in our now unlocked front door. Reverse back to house. He jumps out locks door and collects keys. Still on time.

What we've learnt: He is INCREDIBLY forgetful and slightly clumsy but still manages to be on time... I will shhhhhhh and ommmmm from now on.

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