27.07.2011 - 10h47 - My biatch is back from Bali!

Karen is finally back from Bali!!! YAY! And not only did she bring her pretty face over for a quick chat - she also brought me some Bali goodies... thanks so much my friend xoox

Karen makes the most beautiful cards - you need to start selling them my friend!

"An inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul" - beautiful

The effect:
Horny of the effect and the skin is taken, and the dirt that collects in pores is removed. The skin is made fine, and the skin is lightened. And the chocolate is effective that the skin is moisture.

How to use the scrub:
The proper quantity is made a mix with water like a loose liquid before the body is washed. It applies to the body after that, and it rubs. After it rubs, it flushes it with the hot water. It conditions the skin with the body lotion etc. afterwards.

Chocolate Powder, Skim milk, Candle nut, Soy bean, Corn grits, Black sticky rice, Oat meal, Green bean, Palm sugar, etc

Haha - love it!

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