26.07.2011 - 15h00 - Spray tan

So... I went for my spray tan session. It was interesting. I thought they would spray it on (thus the name) but nope, they paint it on! You stand on a little towel in the middle of the floor in your g-string (thank goodness - I thought I would be completely nakers!) while a woman sits and paints the tanning liquid onto every square inch of your body. At first I felt a little uncomfortable but after a while it felt completely normal and natural to stand naked in front of a stranger... except for when she painted my boobs - that was a little odd (had to try very hard not to laugh at the weirdness of the whole thing!)

Anyway, it's dark! but not orange which is a great thing. They don't do your face though so I have this white head and brown body (and white fingers and heels - HOT)!?

I like it though - it hides all the ugly bits (well, for 4 - 7 days anyway). Got me thinking... I want to pimp my body out for more experiments / reviews. YAY!

PS. I went here

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