26.02.2012 - Sunday

Needed to come in to work today to catch up on some stuff as I'll be in CT for two days this coming week...

Was chatting to my mom on the phone (had it on speaker but had to hold it right to my bloody ear to hear anything) - I turned off Sandton Drive on my way to work... and there were the Metro. Ah. Bloody hell. I threw my phone down and laughed cos I knew I'd been caught. Anyway, I found the whole interaction with the metro man quite amusing... it went something like this:

Almost knock over man on motorbike while I pull over - wind down window
D: Look - I was speaking on speaker phone!
M: Doesn't matter, you were still holding the phone. That's a R750 fine.
D: Ahhh, I'm going to make my mom go halves with me
M: No. It's your fault, not your moms
D: But she called me twice already and I missed those calls. I only answered the third one cos I was worried something was wrong.
M: Hand me your license
Filling in my details on the form
M: You're old but you look young (is that a compliment)
D: Yeah, haha, I even have a son (I get nervous and talk too much...)
M: How many children do you have?
D: Just one. One is enough
M: No. You need two children
M: Where is the father? Is he dead?
D: No he's married to someone else now
M: And you?
D: No, I'm not married
M: And a boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend
Oh, wait...where is this going. Shit
D: No, I'm staying away from men
M: Oh, so you're like a lesbian
Awkward WTF do I do but go with it smile

He changed my ticket to a R150 fine and said I must tell my mom it's cos he's a nice guy.

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