24.02.2012 - 18h00 - Greenside Sundowners

After dropping Ethan off with his dad I met up with Karen in Greenside for some unplanned Friday afternoon drinks. We managed to make it to Bob Rocks in time for their 2 for 1 cocktail special - NICE!

After a couple drinks we went inside to try and pay for some of our bills. By then I didn't mind taking out my camera and doing some random snaps.

This is the man that was politely standing next to me.

This guys hair had my undivided attention all night - loved it. Karen and I decided he looked like Mary from Something about Mary hahaha, shame. Anyway. I took a pic of him across the bar... then he came over and wanted a pic with me. I said no, I'm unphotogenic and told him to pose with the polite man next to me...

Karen and I were then feeling really adventurous and headed down the road for wait for it... wait for it... pizza - cos we're W.I.L.D. like that!! And not just any pizza... nope, I had my very first Vegan pizza. It was really delicious - only now I don't know if it's cos it is delicious or because I'd been drinking and was starving. Will have to try another one sometime...

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