22.02.2014 - Weekend Decor

Sometimes, when I wake up, I like to lift my feet up in the air so they're in front of the map Lukas bought me... and I smile when I see I have the world at my feet :)

I've wanted to redecorate my room for years (probably around 6 years now) but have always felt too guilty to splash out. Well I got over the guilt and did just that. I splashed and splashed and splashed (except the pillow above - that only cost me R19.99 - yay!)

Before and after of the bedding. Only problem now is that this bed calls me to get into it 24/7!

Then Jen was lovely enough to give me this incredible lamp. It's pretty big for my little room but I LOVE it - love the shadows it casts on the roof.

Now I just need to give it a lick of paint - thinking of the above colour - and I will be happy

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