28/09 Tuesday - Day 3 - My Birthday

Ethan decorated my birthday presents with marshmallows...
Instead of flowers I got these sprinkled around the tent floor - was better then roses! :)
Opening pressies
Early morning, camping, don't judge
Last drive before heading home. This lion crossed the road in front of us. Amazing

Packing up - trying to fit everything into one bag - didn't happen
A lot of the driving was done by Ethan. I would just do the peddles whilst he steered... so relaxing - wish we could do this in JHB too!
Back to JHB - checking FB Birthday messages :)
Back to JHB - Ethan watching soccer :)

This was a really wonderful holiday and birthday. At first when we arrived there with a boot full of camp gear and I looked around and saw myself surrounded by happy little families I got a little sad. But then we put the tent up and I looked around again and realised how super awesome we were that the two of us could do something like this without too much help *high five Ethan* I love you xoox

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