26/09 Sunday - Going camping

Car packed (with loads of space to spare - thanks Getz)
We did it! Took to tries but we got the tent up. You can pay someone to put it up but I wanted to prove to Ethan that we could do it - very proud of myself :)

I know camping isn't ideal but that's not a bad view to have looking out of your front door...
As usual, as soon as we got set up Ethan started playing with fire...
A bit of tree climbing
The first bit of wildlife we saw was this turtle sitting on the hippo's back. Very cute
Ethan took this photograph - well impressed

Not great quality, but cool pic of lions relaxing by the water
These elephants were right next to the road, was so awesome!
It was SO hot there - these drinks were downed after our drive
Ethan very proud of his fire making skills
Getting ready for bed in my Country Road nightie - most stylish girl there!

Ethan's feet were pretty much this dirty the entire holiday

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