21.08.2011 - 15h00 - Got my happy back

Last week wasn't a particularly great one for me. I don't deal well with bad / sad / emotional things... my mom went into hospital last Monday to have cancer removed from parts of her forehead and lip. She's been in there for the entire week and it's just brought me down quite a lot. I'm a real mommy's girl and I hate to see her in pain / unhappy. Thus the lack of daily blog posts.

I went out for the usual dog walk with the 3 kids (they hadn't had the most wonderful morning - more sister drama) but we all let go, slid down hills, laughed like idiots and I think I found my happiness again! Nothing helps you forget your grown-up problems more then playing like a kid. Thanks my kiddie-winks - love you all so very much xoox

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