07.12.2011 - Churches and Old Age Homes

Now that Ethan's in Grade 4 his prize giving is held at the Rosebank Union Church. We got there at around 07h30 and only left just after 12h00 - a LONG day filled with drama (woman fainting next to me) and boredom (old man filing his nails in the seat in front of me). But it was all worth it when Ethan got called up to received his certificate and book voucher (funny as I can't for the life of me get him to read a book) for OUTSTANDING PROGRESS! Yay! Well done BABY, BABY!! xoox

From there we dashed off to Sandton to fill our hungry bellies... then we went to celebrate my grans 88th birthday (I think it's 88 - bad granddaughter I know) at her old age home. There was a "choir" singing for her... and a bunch of young kids came to sing and dance for her. Their parents are trying to teach these kids how to share... last year they visited kids, this year it was the elderly and next year they're going to go dance for.... animals, hahaha... sweet. I told Ethan I was going to make him join them next year - he gave me a filthy look.

PS. I do believe we learn something new every day. What I learnt yesterday: Afrikaans songs are LOOOOONG!!

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