06.12.2011 - 07h04 - Bully Day

OK. Today I am going to our exercise and cover shoot. I usually quite enjoy these shoots but today is different. Today, one of the pregnant models is a woman who used to go to Primary school with me. She was beautiful, popular, great athete and a total cow to me! *sob*

I have a couple vivid nasty memories of this woman... so today... I come armed with my little denim skirt... I am hoping the day will go well and I will feel like this...

but the fact that she is coming to be a cover model makes it highly unlikely... oh well, a bullied primary school nerd can dream :)

Update: She's turned really sweet. Damn her for ruining my bitchy moment :)

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  1. Debs you are way hotter than Miss Yucatan 2010! And that "model" yesterday.