22.09.2011 - 19h30 - Fashion Show & revenge of the nerds

Karen and I went to the HERMANNA RUSH fashion show. As we arrived we got given a goody bag, had our photo taken and got a glass of wine. We then went downstairs to be seated. Media got to sit in the front row. The front row consisted of haystacks! Sitting on a haystack in a really tight fitting skirt is no easy task (and the hay was prickly!).

Anyway, we waited quite a while for the show to start (they were waiting for more media to come from another show) - then the show seemed to last all of 10 minutes. It was a case of wait - wait - wait - go - over.

BUT, the clothes were beautiful! So soft and feminine. If I was married to a rich man I'd so have bought every outfit! And the shoes were awesome - they looked like a cross between jelly baby shoes and crocs (crocs - poof - sies!) BUT in high heel form! Which made them beautiful!

We then went to Greenside for a couple of drinks. I happened to bump into someone from high school. It was a moment EVERY nerd dreams of. Picture this...

Shy redhead girl goes through high school pretty much unnoticed. Blushes like a fool. Hates school. Then there's the H.O.T. popular boy who everyone drools over. He's smooth, blonde, reminds us of Brad Pitt, dates the school model. Doesn't even look twice at our poor shy little nerd.

Skip forward 16 years (holly crap I'm old!). Little redhead nerd bumps into Mr Popular whilst wearing tight denim skirt. Mr Popular suddenly very friendly - he flirts, eyeballs (drunk bloodshot eyeballs but hey!) ompliments nerd. Nerd laughs then turns and walks away, whilst doing a mental nerd air punch. Haha, nerd revenge, how sweet and lovely.


  1. Cute! I'm glad I found this and hope you found fun things in your goodie bag. Thanks for coming to our show x

  2. Loved the goodie bag - wearing the necklace right now