19.04.2012 - 15h00 - Anew 20th Birthday

Nikki and I went to the Avon / Anew 20th birthday function. It was really nice - they even had veggie sushi for me! We got to do an online quiz to see what skin type we were then were given creams to try.

This beauty is supposed to make you look 10 years younger. When I heard this I excitedly turned to Niks and said "I'm going to look 22!!!!!" - Niks replied with a not so excited "I'm going to look 15 - I had pimples when I was 15" hahhahahahaha.... let's see if this baby works.

Straight after the function I rushed over to fetch Ethan and we went to soccer. I had been dreading this all day as I have now moved on to week 4 of my running program which involves a 3 min run,  5 min run, 3 min run, 5 min run (that's 16 mins of running!) - which might not sound like much to any of you fitness freaks out there but it's a very scary thing for me - but I did it! I was so happy after I managed my first 5 min run that I was grinning from ear to ear and had to stop myself from patting myself on the back. Yay me :)

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