28.06.2012 - 09.31 - Pimping.Gym.Sherry.Sewing.

OK... this is the first of my two weeks off... so far I have gone out 0 times (oops)!

Last night I tried to be less lazy: got home. went through my phone book. pimped myself out to everyone in the hopes of getting out. drank a glass of sherry. decided to go to gym. gym packed with people. looked like it was full of steroid pumped ants dressed in luminous orange gear. Scared me. I managed 5 min walk. 9 min run then ran out of there. Ran (drove) straight across the road to Andiccio and ordered a pizza. home. another glass of sherry. tv. sewing. bed.

I bought this pair of high-waisted jeans from Mr P a couple of months back. I love them because they make me look like I actually have calves. They don't love me though. First the zip broke - took them to get a new zip put in. Then just before leaving the house one night one of the popper buttons flew off. I tried to super glue it back - didn't work. Took it to get a new button put on. Then the other day the zip broke again! I wasn't prepared to spend more money on a cheap pair of jeans so was about to throw them away last night when I had what I think was a brilliant idea!

I sewed the zip closed! Genius! Now after squeezing myself in I'm too afraid to take them off.

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