15.06.2012 - 18.06.2012

Friday I attempted a dinner with friends but still felt ill so landed up sitting there like an unsocial blob of sickness.

Saturday I decided to fix things that were annoying me around the house. I tend to get so used to seeing something that even though it's broken I don't do anything about it - BAD - NO MORE. So I bought a new blind to replace the broken one in the lounge and got Ethan new bedding to fit his new 3/4 bed.

I didn't have the tools to screw this baby in so I got creative and hung it up with string and curtain hooks. It works :)

I also popped into a little chinese store and bought a whole lot of mock meat. I got prawns, chicken, sausages, chicken cashew nut balls. So far I've had the prawns and chicken and have LOVED them.

My parents are looking for a new home so Sunday I drove around with them looking at show houses - it's exciting but exhausting looking at places. Also makes me realise what a nice complex I stay in - there are some dodgy looking places out there.

I think the reason I was running around fixing things and shopping and cooking up a storm was because I was going out of my mind alone at home and needed distractions. SO, the best part of my weekend was when Ethan finally came home (a week is a LONG time!).

Ethan didn't go to school Monday - feeling sick and I wanted to take him to a doctor before he goes away for another two weeks :(. He came into work with me

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