11.06.2012 - 13h30 - Jerry Springer

I don't want to go into detail of this bit of the day (I don't like negative crap) but it is still part of a day in the life of me so it should go here... here goes... will only keyword it as it doesn't deserve much time/energy...

Mom calls. Sister drunkenly fell down stairs. Get a call from my dad. Leave work - go to parents house. Sister lying on floor with broken arm. Government ambulance called. No medical aid. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Can't wait anymore. Put sling on sisters arm. Get her to the car. Drive her to Medicross.

Have to pay for her x-ray, doctors consultation, sling, outstanding amount on her account. Get pissed off. Use some foul language. Pay. Try to smile at woman behind counter. Walk away.

Arm badly broken. Will need surgery to fix properly. Put her arm in basic sling - call government ambulance again. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Nurses look at me like I'm heartless. Guards shout at me for parking in the wrong place. Move car. Have mini breakdown. Dad comes over to help. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Ambulance arrives at 6pm. I'm tired. Hungry. Headache. Pissed off. Don't follow to Helen Joseph. Hate Helen Joseph. Finally get to go home...

Get home. Cat attacked my tissue box. Feel sorry for myself. Drink sherry. Bath. End shitty day.


  1. Very Jerry Springer, we all have them ~ on the up side ~ it's all over. Chin up, the week can only get better.
    Love & Light
    Rambling Rosey

  2. sorry. Such a shit day - it can only get better.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm going to take someone's advice and use the rest of my free week like this: "Pretend you're a teenager and your parents have gone away for the week" :)