22.01.2011 - 14h00

Today was my nieces 6th birthday party. I went with the intention of taking lots of beautiful pics of the party and NOT, I repeat NOT eating any junk but landed up sitting on my ass devouring chewy sweets. By the end of the day I had so many sweetie wrappers shoved into my pockets that I bet if I flattened them all out and sewed them together I could have made myself a brand new fat dress! Thus, that is the reason there is not one single picture of my niece Sarah, oops....

PS. My favorite part of the party was when my nephew Jared shoved the birthday candles into Hannah Montana eyeballs! Yay Jared!

So yet again I am going to steal some pics that my dad took (it was a jeepers creepers creepy crawly kids party - what 6 year old girl likes creep crawly's?!)

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