25.01.2011 - 19h00

I really do believe I must have pissed off the Karma gods somewhere along the line... everythings breaking at home...

1) DSTV is not working
 Need to take it in to see if the decoder has died on me. Missed Grey's for the third time in a row!

2) Bathroom light is falling out of roof
At first it was just the globe that needed replacing so yesterday I bought a screwdriver. Took the cover off. Replaced the globe. Light went on. Felt really proud of myself. Tried to put cover back on. Whole light fitting started to fall out of ceiling. Pissed off. Now have wonky bathroom light with no covering.

3) Washing machine is flooding my kitchen floor every night
I ignored the leak for as long as I could (probably not the best idea) but I can't ignore it anymore. It is literally flooding my kitchen every time I wash (which is every night)! Googled how to fix leaky Samsung washing machine (no lie). Went home. Turned machine on side. Inspected machine. Found nothing. Got my new best friend out (the screwdriver). Took back off machine. Inspected inside. Nothing. Shit!

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