24/07 Saturday 11h00

Saturday morning I decided to venture into Ethan's room and attempt a clean up mission. Ethan had friends over the whole day which was brilliant as it meant he was too preoccupied to notice me throwing any of his things away. I took pictures so I could show you some of the "things" he liked to keep in his room.

Take exhibit A for example. It is a plastic water bottle that he filled with everything and anything he could find, then left in a cupboard for months to see if it would become a stink bomb (note the "do not touch plese" sign on it - he still doesn't know it's gone).

Exhibit B is something he made about a year ago and kept on his floor... he didn't play with it, it just sat there colleting dust and taking up space. I got his permission to throw it away, but only after agreeing to pay him for the honor! Later that night he said he was glad I threw his junk away???

4 long hours, 5 black dustbin bags and R20 later he had a beautiful clean room. Mission accomplished!

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