19/10 Tuesday - My Day

I think I'm guilty of only putting the nice things that happen in my day which kind of defies the whole point of this blog... that's not a true reflection of my day... so I am going to put it all, the good and the bad.

On the way home this evening I did a bit of grocery shopping, when I walked outside I was greeted with the exciting sight. I got so happy, thought there was going to be one hell of a huge storm (which is exactly what my mood called for). I rushed home and waited, and waited, and waited... nothing. What a let down.

Then I did a load of washing and when I took the clothes out to hang them up I found these prickly, sticky little things on ALL my clothes. Ethan had apparently fallen into a whole load of these whilst he was playing. The rest of my evening was spent picking them off everything. Exciting night!!

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