23/10 Saturday

Saturday morning I was broke enough to finally sort out the 50c pieces Ethan and I have been saving. I bagged them and took them to the bank - got R250 for them - not bad!

My mom and I then took my gran to the Rose Gardens at Emmarentia. She had been wanting to go for some time... we didn't realise how "old people unfriendly" it was - there's mostly stairs and when you do find a ramp it's at a 90 degree angle, not very practical. Anyway we took her for scones and tea and vowed never to take her 86 year old self on a hike like that again.(I ate pancakes with friends banana, caramel and ice-cream - WOW!)

That evening Karen came over and we drank wine and ate sushi - was so nice. I was so "happy" (don't like the word tipsy) that I was asking everyone the meaning of life - I always forget to take photos of these fun moments :(

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