27/10 Wednesday - 18h30

I took these pics before I actually turned into a monster last night so find them quite amusing now. Isn't it terrible how you can go from normal (as normal as a parent can be) to mental monster in the space of 5 short seconds. Shit it can be tough trying to be a "good parent". I think the problem is trying too hard to keep your children happy all the time... no one can be happy every minute of every day...

Anyway, on a brighter note, after Ethan and I calmed down and stopped freaking out at each other he convinced me to take us to the gym... felt so much better after that.

The other day I told Ethan that we need to practice Afrikaans (I had been laughed at twice in 1 week for my terrible Afrikaans). So the idea was that as soon as we get home we are to only speak to one another in Afrikaans for half an hour. Needless to say we keep forgetting to do this. This morning on the way to school we were laughing because I said that we should have started it last night as we could have fought in Afrikaans, would at least have been amusing and educational!

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