25/10 Thursday 20h00 - The Steam Room Story

Yesterday I worked hard at the gym then smiled all the way to the steam room. On my way to the showers (it's polite to shower all your sweat off before hoping into the steam room - a rule I don't think many follow) I saw what I thought was a fully naked woman sitting with her legs wide open in the steam room (it's steamy so didn't see any actual... bits). I was thinking "shit, I really don't want to go into a steam room with a fully naked woman, shit, shit, shit"... thought bugger this and walked over to get in. As I was hanging up my towel I saw this person jump up and quickly come to the door. As the door opened I looked up and shock-shock-horror-horror it's was a man!! The poor thing had the tiniest little white towel that he was trying unsuccessfully to use to hide his bits. Was very amusing!

PS. The below images are 100% accurate - this is what we both looked like!!

This is what should have happened...

This is what really happened...

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