19.02.2013 - 13h07 - My life right now

My world has consisted of nappies, bottles, night feeds, cuddles, keeping my 12 year old happy, working, homework and starting today soccer club...

I haven't posted in ages and these are the few pics I found on my phone just to prove I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...

This is Tyren's silent laugh face when you shower his face in kisses! :)

Getting bigger and chubbier each and every day

In the bouncy chair Jen gave him - it's my savior in the morning

My parents, Tyren and I drove out into the country for a late lunch on Sunday. Just what I needed!
I have a new appreciation for food that does not come frozen in a container!

Ethan's soccer club starts today so we rushed off and got him a brand new pair of soccer boots -
he's already a size 8!!

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