06.02.2013 - 13h02 - I'm back :)

I haven't been blogging because my life for the past week has been one of the hardest, scariest, busiest, craziest weeks of my life.

I am not too sure what I can write about but want to say something...

Wednesday last week I offered to go and fetch my nephew Tyren for the day as my sister was in no state to look after him. He has happily been living with me for a week now.

The past 7 days have consisted of social workers (3 thus far), children's court and the police station. I have totally been thrust out of my comfort zone but feel stronger for it. I can honestly say this has been a life changing week.

As soon as things clear I will go into much more detail.

But I do need to say that I have been overwhelmed by people's love and generosity. We have a pram, camp cot, car seat, nappy bag, clothes, bottles, wet wipes without having to spend a cent. Not only have people been generous with their money but with their time too - there have been numerous babysitting offers!!

All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - I would not have made it through this week without the support of my family and friends.


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