23.07.2013 - 07h16 - Tattoo

I've been wanting to get a heart tattoo for well over a year now. Someone (ok, yes, it was a psychic) said I need to learn to let love in so I thought I would get a heart on my wrist as a reminder. I never did it. Then Ty came into my life. Before Ty I thought people were pretty shitty and selfish and mean. Well, when Ty suddenly appeared in my life I was bombarded with kindness, support, amazing generosity and most importantly...huge amounts of love.

I also learnt to do what makes you happy immediately! Stop waiting for a better time. I've always been a dreamer more than a doer and I've decided to change that.

So this heart is not only symbolic of the love I need to let in, but all the love I have and am so grateful for. Much love to you all xoox

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