29.06.2012 - Girls night out

WOW. What a night. Things I learned from this night:

1. You can reunite with your high school friend at the age of 32 and still act like 18 year olds
2. Don't poke fun at yourself when introducing yourself to strangers - they don't think it's funny - they just think you're an idiot then treat you like crap the whole night
3. PDA at the age of 32 is a little gross - don't do it!
4. When your friend says the man you're talking to looks like a psycho and he responds with "maybe I am" - that's probably a good time to walk away
5. Stop handing your number out to strangers!
6. When you find yourself agreeing to things like... meeting a mans parents and moving overseas with them STOP!! - it's time to go home


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