05.07.2012 - 19h00 - Dinner @ the Rankins

Last night I went and had dinner with Camilla and her husband Neil. On the way to their house I was so happy I was going there rather than the Jolly!!

I landed up only taking pics of the food - but to help you get a mental picture of the night I made up the below pic - this is what we looked like - except Neil wasn't shouting at us and I never sat on their kitchen counter... but you get the idea

This was dinner - delicious. I even left with a lunch box of leftovers for lunch

This was the homemade ice cream. It had chunks of fudge in it - need I say more?

Thanks Rankins for a lovely dinner and for keeping me company xoox


  1. Thanks for the invite bitches.

  2. You have to be sitting at home by yourself *rocking in a corner* for the last 2 weeks to crack an invite :) - it's called pity