06.06.2012 - 18h30 - Sandton vs Crusader Girls


Last night the Sandton Park Football Club played against the Crusader girls. Now, I'm ALL for girls getting to play but I REALLY think it's unfair that U11 boys have to play girls older then them. These girls were so tall - and they had BOOBS! Boobs eye level with little 11 year old boys... so not fair!

Anyway, the girls won 3-2. It was the most exciting, fast paced game I've ever seen them play. They were amazing. Well done boys... who knows, maybe one day you'll be dating these older pretty girls :)


  1. why is there a YOU in the equation? sis.

  2. I wanted a light trashy read while I waited - was very disappointed - there was only one real trashy story - BORING! Will buy Grazia next time :)

  3. if you want trash, buy heat. If you want fashion, style, witty stories, girly indulgence... then get grazia. Pfft.