02.06.2012 - 20h00 - Jolly mad

I went with two school friends (Sally and Anne) to Jolly.

I usually only get picked up by really old drunk men at Jolly - it's wonderful for the ego. This night however saw us being picked up by really young little boys - even better for the ego.

This is Lance. Lance fell in love with Sally. Lance wanted to marry Sally. We made Lance buy Sally a rose and us plenty of drinks. I'm starting to think that making a drunk man buy drinks is bad kharma... will let you know...

These are the young rugby boys. The one posing with Anne went into a 20 minute state of shock when he heard how old we were. Nice.

What I've learned from this experience:

1) Don't make eye contact with the drunk guy - he will come over (or start humping a stool as one does in Jolly)
2) Don't hand your phone over to a stranger - they will scan your barcode and make you their BBM contact
3) Young boys are really crude, rude & gropey - make sure you have some kung-fu moves handy
4) You don't have to take money with you to Jolly - just find the drunk guy and you're sorted with drinks for the night
5) Make sure you're not the last two females in the place - drunk men tend to block the exit and not allow you to leave

Good night girls. Thanks xoox


  1. it's disturbing how much you like that place!

  2. i don't hear you complaining about Jolly while doing your yoga moves on their floor :)