09.05.2012 - Best day E-va

The day started as one of these - "It's OK Debbie, you can get through this crappy day. Soon it will be evening and you will be lying on your couch being a slob and all will be good" (yes I have to give myself pep talks quite often)

I went to my dermatologist in Hyde Park for a check-up. Got there early so bought some reference mags for work. Even sat at Vida taking notes - looked very professional :)

I then had to go to the Family Life Centre for my second appointment. First one went terribly last week so I really wasn't looking forward to it. I was too early (I'm irritatingly early ALL the time) so I decided to go for a walk at Zoo Lake (it was just around the corner).

Zoo Lake is incredibly quiet at 11am and rather dodgy. The only people around were people lying on benches... like this woman. I didn't like it so went and sat in my car - then realised I must look incredibly dodgy too - sitting in my car in an empty parking lot at 11am... oh well.

This woman who I initially thought was homeless actually got up - got into her fancy-ish car and drove off. Seems she comes to Zoo Lake to catch some sun... nice.

Anyway. My meeting went incredibly well. I felt like I'd won a 6 year argument and all is good in the world again. Was so happy I wanted to go skipping down Fredman Drive - naked - until Karen pointed out that it's illegal :)

Happy days!

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