07.05.2012 - Weekend

Friday: Worked from 7 till 7 and thought I was going straight home to collapse. Bought this bottle of wine on my way home (loved the label - hated the taste) - went out - came home at 4am - was fantastic night - end of story.

Saturday: Barely got out of bed never mind the house. Eventually pulled myself together and watched some weird, random, depressing movie with Karen. No, it wasn't the Lorax - was Young Adult with Charlize.

Sunday: Finally started to feel human again. Went to a braai at my parents house where my 11 year old nephew and 7 year old niece taught me to play poker (no - I've never played poker). Jared wrote out instructions so I need to go home learn all the hands then come back and win some money!!

Ended the weekend sitting on my balcony drinking a glass of wine (say whaaaat?) - It was diluted with fruit juice - cos I'm tough like that.

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