07.05.2012 - 17h00 - My exciting day

After school Ethan and I went to Sandton to get him some new soccer shin pads - cos as everyone knows I spoil him - he's a spoilt brat and he gets everything he wants from me (ouch! :)

I'm trying to be less boring and stuck to schedules and routines so we ate dinner at the food court (cos I'm real classy like that) - and I didn't feel like sitting in 5pm traffic.

This woman made me smile - she looks like Dennis the Menace's girlfriend!

This is the chocolate I bought for Ethan (Clicks was having a clearance sale and I owed him after scoffing down two of his easter eggs while he was away) - it teased me the whole way home in the car BUT I managed to stay strong and not eat it (that's roughly 2 weeks without chocolate!)

When we got home we studied Technology using the Get Ahead disc I bought. We played a game against each other and I got all excited that I beat an 11 year old. Wrong?

The end of my incredibly exciting day

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