16.03.2012 - Night Cricket

By the time 5pm came I was really tired (thanks to the Grazia party) but I had promised Ethan he could go to the final night of night cricket. It had been raining most of the day - there was mud everywhere - it was cold - you can imagine my mood.

I sat in the corner (on Ethan's school bag to keep dry) huddled into a little ball to try keep warm. I grabbed a book from work to keep me entertained. I think it didn't help either that I was dressed in black from head to toe. I kept thinking how awfully emo I must look - but hey.

Then the happy, lovely moms arrived and plonked right down in front of me. The had their supporter shirts on - had made little cards to wave around - one mom even made a hat with wickets on it. Anyway... I tried... I really tired to sit there but the longer I sat there the worse I felt.

I eventually went and sat in my car in the car park for 2 hours until my nightmare was over. Next year I will try and wear a wicket hat - next year, I promise!

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