04.11.2011 - 12h11 - What a morning!

Got in my car to go to work. Car wouldn't start. Battery dead (been acting up for a couple weeks now). Sat in car pondering my options. Call first for women? Call the security guards to push me? I have issues with asking for help. Wonder if I can push start the car myself. Open door. Stick foot out. Push floor with foot. Car moves easily - ah this will be easy peasy. Car moves easily for first 30cm. Car gets heavier. Get out of car and push. Car stops moving. I wonder how many people are watching me and laughing. Can't move car backwards or forwards. Get angry. Slam door. Huff off towards my home. Security guards come running to help (am sure they must have been laughing hysterically at my girly muscles).

Guards push me. Shout at me for not doing the whole clutch thing properly. Eventually get it right. Say thank you. Drive off. Legs shaking. Tears dribbling down face (baby). What a crap start to the day. Drive around Randburg looking for battery place. Find one. Before I've even parked my car there is a man on his way to help me. I'm so happy right now. Got a new battery. Cost me R750! Eeek. Bread and water for the rest of the month.

Being an adult is tough sometimes. Tired. Bye.

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