15.10.2011 - 16h00 - Wedding time

I hardly every get invited to weddings so when I do I tend to go a little anal about what I'm going to wear. This wedding was no exception... I had Karen bringing me dresses, my mom buying me dresses and my stylist (haha, love saying that) Zoe bringing me not only a whole bunch of dresses but bags and accessories too! Zoe took pics of the jewellery and bags so I'd know what went with what... very sweet.

Friday afternoon I though I'd decided on a dress only to turn into a typical girl and change my mind by the time I got home. Anyway, I was very happy with my choice (have a feeling Zoe will lecture me on the red belt) and very grateful for all the girlie help. Thanks friends (starting to think this anal behaviour of mine is why I'm hardly invited to weddings...!?)

Why is she posing so much? Well after all that bloody effort there was no way I wasn't going to!!

Ryan arrived in a fancy black convertible... was amazing... wait, I'm amazing. Let him keep the roof down even after I'd spent the whole day straightening my hair - that's how I roll.

The wedding was held at the Hyatt in Rosebank - pretty venue... Did I take pics of the ceremony and the bride... no (realising how selfish I really am - all about me and my drinks, and my food, and my fun)

The food - my plate looked really healthy next to Ryan's manly meat plate.

When we arrived at the table all the men got really excited - this was sitting on the table... I decided to document how long it took them to finish it. They were actually quite reserved... lasted most of the night.

It was photo prop time - didn't bring anything with so settled on toothpick pics... beautiful



  1. looks like you had a great time - whose dress is that? Yours?

  2. It was one of the many dresses Zoe sent me... pretty dress