15.09.2011 - 12h06 - Happy Birthday Jenny ♥

I don’t do poems these days
Cos I never got any praise
But for you I’ll use my brain
There might be something to gain

Maybe you’ll give me a raise
Or shower me with praise
But if you give me a bad review
I will still land up loving you

Why you might ask?
Because I have a hidden hip flask
Booze makes everything groovy
Just like in that weird movie

Ok wait. I’m going off track
Let me rather go back
To telling you how great you are
You have been my best boss so far

You listen and give advice
Which is true and concise
You‘re the big sister I never had
Which is so totally rad

Thank you for being you
Go ahead and learn Zulu
You’ll be even cooler
And the guys will a drooler


  1. You guys make me happy and so do those guys. Thank you.

  2. Awwwww.. Love it! Miss you alllllll :-((((( Happy bday Jen!

  3. I am a love pirate... hahahahaha

  4. And there's a whole lotta booty!

  5. We miss you too Charleeeene - just think, this card could've been yours. all yours.

  6. 5 COMMENTS! WHOOOOOOO - that's an all time record!