12.09.2011 - 07h31 - My weekend

Friday night: Stayed at home... alone... for the 2nd night in a row! First night is an exciting treat... 2nd night is depressing! Vowed to myself that from now on I will be crazy party girl every opportunity I get (bahahahaha)...

Saturday: Fetched my mom and we headed over to Hyde Park to watch a chick flick. We saw Crazy stupid love which was cute. I then went over to Karens place. We landed up in Parkhurts restaurant / bar hopping down the street. We landed up at the Ol' Jolly. Went to bar - bought a drink - walked 2 meters and got picked up by a table of really old men. What a shock.

We have decided that from now on if we find ourselves at the Jolly we will head directly to this sign... and everytime someone tries to pick us up we will not make eye contact with them and simple point to this sign :)

Sunday morning: Got woken up with 3 sms's that could only come from a yogi insisting on what a beautiful day it is (arrgghhh ;)... started watching rugby at home while yogi did yoga then met Karen around 11 at her place to carry on watching the rugby. Was very amusing. Two girls eating veggie bugers (they were delicious), drinking beer shandy's whilst screaming at the TV. Well, Karen screams, I just make high-pitched noises. Karen's funniest moment: Bunch of grunting men in a scrum - Karen shouts - "Just stick your finger up his bum! It's the only way to break up a dog fight!" hahahahahahahaha, I love you Karen.

Sunday afternoon: After rugby we went to Greenside to watch her friend Christine Roberts play with her band (The Runaway Train Cult) at Tokyo Star. It was the perfect end to a wonderfully unplanned, relaxing weekend. Thank you to EVERYONE who made me smile this weekend xoox


  1. what a lovely weekend! One for the reminiscing table!