25.06.2011 - Road Trip

Ethan and I stopped off at Cresta to do some last minute shopping before heading to Middleburg... we got Ethan the little red top hat...

... just kidding!! We bought the beanie!

Pee-break on the side of the highway. It only took us about an hour and a half to get to Middleburg...and we didn't even get lost. Yay!

Ethan's grandparents are really great at making things... so I told Ethan I expect the following when he gets back home: he has to knit me a snood, bake me cupcakes, make me paper animals, speak fluent Afrikaans. Good luck my boy.

It was really wonderful to see everyone again. I knew I would be seeing Sheryl, Karl and Jessica again but didn't know I would also be getting visits from Walter, Marlise, Roland, Grace, Great Gogo and Grandpa. It's been 3 years since I've seen everyone... but when we meet up those 1 095 days float away and it's as if we saw each other yesterday. Much love to you all!

The trip home was lovely (a little sad as I'm leaving Ethan behind - but I know he's going to love his week there). Whenever I do this trip I always spot this farm house... it's so haunting looking, but I love it. I haven't done a solo "long distance" trip in a while... always nice. And again... I didn't get lost. YAY

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