22.06.2011 - 07h00 - Car Service Day

I took my car to Hyundai Sandton for its first service. I used my Blackberry maps app to get there... it took me the LONG way around then sent me left when I should have gone right... it took me an hour and a half to get somewhere that should have taken me 15 minutes! Thanks!

This was the conversation when I went to collect my car:

Man: OK, just sign here
Debbie: *scribble*
Man: OK, thanks, bye
Debbie: Ummm, don't I owe something?
Man: No the service plan covers this
Debbie: Ummm, someone said I owed money
Man: Oh, did someone call you
Debbie: Yes
Man: How much did they say you owe
Debbie: R1 300
Man: Oh, here's the other invoice
Debbie: Ah! I should have kept quiet!!
Man: Yes you should have, but thanks for the honesty
Debbie: *S-H-I-T!*

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